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  • TS JC1 PCB testing machineTS JC1 PCB testing machine
  • TS JC1 PCB testing machineTS JC1 PCB testing machine
  1.        The TS JC1 automatic PCB testing machine is composed of automatic PCB feeding device,movable table, testing device, control system and a tester.
  2. It can test the PCB power consumption, overcharge protection,over-charged recovery voltage, over-discharge protection, over-discharge recovery voltage, over-current protection functions of a single lithium battery.

  3. Automatic entry and exit, high test speed,high accuracy,easy to operate,does not need the guarding of a special person.

  4. The automatic PCB feeder sends out a stack of PCB one by one, which can fill thousands of PCB one time.

  5. The moving workstation catches the PCB provided by the automatic feeding plate device and automatically moves it to the test position according to the set data for testing.

  6. The tested PCB will be automatically sent from the moving station and dropped into the receiving box. 

  7. The defective products are automatically re-tested. After the re-tested, the defective products are automatically identified. The number of defective PCB is also recorded by the system.

  8. The position of the detection needle can be adjusted at will to meet the test of different types of PCB.

  9. The marker adopts large oil pen, durable and easy to replace.

  10. Using touch screen to set parameters. Simple and clear.  

  11. Up to 100 groups of PCB parameters can be stored in the system for easy invocation.


Dimension and weight

800 mm * 500 mm * 1230 mm  100Kg


AC220V±10%  50Hz±2Hz

Air pressure input




Test object

Single battery PCB、2-in-1 battery PCB


About 3000Pcs/H (Fortune Semiconductor). About 1500Pcs/H (SEIKO)

Accuracy range

Voltage:±0.01V  /  Currency±0.2A

Internal resistance:±2MΩ  /  Resistance :±2%


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