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  • LPMS700MD Hot Runner Shuttle Table MachineLPMS700MD Hot Runner Shuttle Table Machine
  Automated production line design, improve product competitiveness. Our machines are engineered for low pressure molding applications. Using specialty resins to encapsulate delicate parts.

  Applications including : automotive electronics, PCBA,coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, wire, cable, etc.

  • Shuttle table, an upper mold serves two lower mold, production process automation.

  • Equipment control system and pipeline control system good linkage to ensure the synchronization and consistency of product for each process.
  • Melt-on-demand tank, only 8 to 15 minutes to work after boot (based hot melt adhesive softening temperature in 100 ~ 160 ℃ measured).
  • Hot runner system, no outlet material, cost savings, while improving the appearance of the product surface.
  • Machines with self-diagnostic functions and various warning alarm.
  • Machine three-stage temperature control, melting tank, gun can be controlled independently
  • Timed heating, over-temperature alarm and automatically stop heating.
  • Pick and place products and opening and closing mold not in the same place, but all operations by the robot, efficient and safe.
  • Automatic feeding systems, optional dryer machine, improve work efficiency.
  • Mold cooling system, shorten product cooling time.

Machine Size

1710 mm x 1242 mm x 2004 mm

67.32 in x 48.90 in x 78.90 in


1710 mm x 1242 mm  |  67.32 in x 48.90 in

Working Station Height      


Packing Size / Weight  

1850mm x 1400mmx 2150mm

72.83 in x 55.12 in x 84.65 in

Melting Tank Model & Q'ty 

Melt-On-Demand Tank 3 Liter  

Auto Feeding System


Gun Model & Tip

Hot-Runner System

Heated Hose Model& Q'ty  

LPMS-H12J x 1


200-240VAC / 1 Phase / 50 Hz

Temperature Control Zones 


Temperature Range 

Ambient up to 446°F

Max .Power

6 Kw

Min. Air Pressure  

0.5 MPa  |  73 Psi

Air Consumption   

0.1m3 / min  |  3.5ft3 / min


Air Cylinder

Clamping Force    

Max.1.0 Ton

Clamping Stroke   

75 mm  |  2.95 in

Control System     

PLC+7 in HMI

Machine dimension

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