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  • MTS-05 Melt Tank with Touch ScreenMTS-05 Melt Tank with Touch Screen
  • Can be used with low pressure molding system or automation equipmentCan be used with low pressure molding system or automation equipment
  Melting tank is the core of the low-pressure molding, features include resin storage, melt resin, conveyor and control injection volume , pressure to reach injection stable. Various types of LPMS workstations with hot melt adhesive can applied to encapsulated products.

  Applications including : automotive electronics, PCBA,coil, fiber-optic, LED lighting, wire, cable, etc.

  • Have time heating, over-temperature alarm and automatically stop heating.
  • Machines with self-diagnosis function, a variety of fault alarm, fast and easy maintenance and repairs.
  • Independent PLC control system with touch screen, rich functionality scalability.
  • Set aside 4 hose interface, spacious reasonable electrical box design, add features or upgrade easier.
  • Other machine can be controlled by the program, but also can be used with low pressure molding system or automation equipment.
  • Various connections by air plugs, easy to operate.

Machine Size / Weight

750 mm x 450 mm x 1090 mm / 85 kg

17.72 in x 29.53 in x 42.91 in / 198 lbs


750 mm x 450 mm   |  17.72 in x 29.53 in

Working Station Height      


Packing Size / Weight  

850 mm x 550 mm x 1250 mm / 120 kg

33.46 in x 21.65 in x 49.21 in / 265 lbs

Melting Tank 

5 Liter

Auto Feeding System


Gun Model & Tip


Heated Hose 

Option, Max 4


200-240VAC/1 Phase/ 50 Hz

Temperature Control Zones 


Temperature Range 

Ambient up to 250°C / 485°F

Max .Power

3.8 Kw

Min. Air Pressure  

0.5MPa  |  73 Psi

Air Consumption   

0.05 m3 / min  |  1.77 ft³ / min



Clamping Force    


Clamping Stroke   


Control System     


Machine dimension

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