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  • TS-T6 Six Sides Automatic labeling machine for batteriesTS-T6 Six Sides Automatic labeling machine for batteries
  • Six Sides Automatic labeling machine for batteriesSix Sides Automatic labeling machine for batteries
  • Electrical control system: Mitsubishi PLC + HMI (touch screen)
  • Pneumatic components:SMC and AirTAC
  • Linear guide rail:Made in Taiwan   
  • Sensor and servo motor: Panasonic 
  • High efficiency, loading and unloading on same side, artificial efficiency savings.
  • High quality imported parts which makes machine stable.
  • Panasonic sensor ensures the machine working precisely.
  • Pioneer for labeling technology.
  • Microcomputer cooperates with HMI, easy to operate.
  • Full-automatic, good cosmetic of product after labeling.


Battery cell dimension


≤90 mm


≤75 mm


3-15 mm

Labeling accuracy

L direction

±0.1 mm

W direction

±0.1 mm

Deflect angle


Cell section form

Square , half round


200-240VAC / 1 Phase / 50 Hz

Air Supply

0.4 MPa-0.6 MPa

Max. Power

1.5 KW

Labeling speed ( pcs / min)

1400-1800Pcs / H

Wire coil

Φ350 mm(OD)  Φ70 mm(ID)

Dimensions ( L × W × H ) / Weight

1420 x 900 x 1660 mm / 280 kg


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