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  • Different kinds of coil  coil Low Pressure Molding MoldsetsDifferent kinds of coil  coil Low Pressure Molding Moldsets
  • Motor coil Low Pressure Molding MoldsetsMotor coil Low Pressure Molding Moldsets
  • Coil Low Pressure Molding MoldsetsCoil Low Pressure Molding Moldsets
  • Electromagnet coil Low Pressure Molding MoldsetsElectromagnet coil Low Pressure Molding Moldsets


  • LPMS has more than 20 years Low Pressure Molding experience in Sensor coil, motor coil, Electromagnet coil and different kinds of coil ,We has done many different kinds of coil Low Pressure Molding applications and has fabricated many Low Pressure Molding mold sets. 
  • LPMS provides turnkey solution from material&machine selection, mold set design&fabrication, parameters setting to customer servic  
  • According to product features mold can be designed for vertical or side injection,hot runner system.
  • ISO 9001 Certified. 
  • LPMS stock the mold base and mold cavity to shorten the tooling lead time.
  • Mold components are manufactured by high precision machinery in our factory.
  • Mold material can be aluminum or steel. If the components to be encapsulated is steel or hard material, it is recommended use steel for the mold cavity.


Mold Dimension

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