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Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider

  Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider LPMS was founded in 2004. LPMS is the pioneer of low pressure molding industry in Asia. Aug 2004, first low pressure injection machine officially made by Chinese appeared on the market by LPMS.

  We offer years of experience to our customers, including outstanding engineering design advice, rapid tooling, material selection and production trials. Our seamless services winning confidence by worldwide customers, they have made us the largest supplier of low pressure molding solution in the world.



 3 Functional Divisions



●  Equipment division

●  To provide customers with high-performance low-pressure injection machine.

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Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider   Moldset division

●  PE and professional mold design team for the product provides detailed low pressure molding solutions, including low pressure injection mold design, production, parameters.

●  ISO9001 certified.

●  Mold and mold components can be delivered after 15 days when we get order.


Low Pressure Molding Solution Provider●  Production service division

 Established in 2008.

●  Strong machine and tooling support as well as low pressure molding experience enable to delivery the high quality goods on time.

●  Quality control based on ISO9001 and TS16949.

● Complete processing equipment, includes automatic spot welder, automatic lead cutter, automatic stripping machine and etc.



● Company history


  • 2004


Feb, founded in China 2004.



Aug , first low pressure injection machine officially made by Chinese appeared on the market by LPMS.


  • 2005




Feb , LPMS registered trade mark.


  • 2009


June, ISO9000 certified.


  • 2010


Shanghai office established for service Yangtze River Delta area and north market.


  • 2011


Nov, LPMS introduced three plates mold to low pressure molding.



  • 2012


Non-governmental-run science and technology enterprise committee member.



Dec, vertical injection machines obtained CE certified.



  • 2013


Compact design machine obtained certificate of utility.



Nov,  Innovation fund from Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.



Horizontal  injection machines obtained CE certified.

  • 2014


ISO/TS16949 certified.



Factory expanded to more than 10000 sq.


  • 2016

     LPMS East China sales service office upgraded to East China branch



     LPMS designed and put into market battery automatic soldering machine and battery labelling            machine


  • 2017
     LPMS designed and made machines that got ISO 13849 and NFPA 79 certificate. The machine also      complys with Category 3 standard. 
  • 2018
      Jan,2018  Introduced CVD vacuum coating technology. 


       May,2018  Designed and made CVD vacuum coating equipment. 



       July,2018   The newly established CVD vacuum coating contract manfacturing workshop was put into use.


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