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September 26,2020 Dongguan TianSai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. in advance for employees to send Mid-Autumn Festival benefits

  Moon cake fragrance, the moon round; National Day Huan, dance Pian Pian. The Mid-Autumn Festival appreciates the full moon, the heart is sweeter than honey; the National Day big round, Cathay Pacific enjoys peace! The Mid-Autumn Festival National Day double festival to, alone in the foreign country for the alien guest, every holiday twice think of relatives!

In this case, all the employees of Dongguan Tiansei Company carry forward the spirit of hard struggle and innovation, and continue to lead the low pressure injection molding industry. On the occasion of the National Day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to employees in advance, so that each employee felt the warmth of home. The company prepared beautiful and delicious moon cakes and sweet and delicious fruits for each employee. I wish the company and all the staff: every year satisfactory, month and month everything goes smoothly, day by day joy without worry, always happy and happy, engraved full of vitality, things smooth home! Smooth business Shunjiaxing!Macromelt,Thermelt,technomelt,Low pressure molding equipment,Low pressure injection molding equipment,Low pressure injection molding process,Low pressure injection,Low pressure injection glue,Low pressure molding glue,Low pressure molding tools,Low pressure molding molds,Low pressure molding product,Low pressure injection product

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