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2021-11-14 Dongguan Tianye Sai Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 7th Running Games

  Sports are beneficial to health in the future, in the cool autumn season, with the cool autumn wind, along with the laughter of colleagues, 2021-11-14 low-voltage injection molding scheme provider Dongguan Tianye Machinery Co., Ltd. held the seventh sports meeting!

  Athletes in high spirits, ready to go, look forward, do running posture, ready to go, exciting game finally began, only listen to a preparation: "run", the players like the string arrow rushed out, a blink of an eye ran out of a dozen meters, athletes have run away, you chase me, I chase you, equal.They raced against time, the two legs very evenly took a few big steps, they ran faster, no one allowed anyone.One of the athletes saw that the athletes in front of them are a little tired, he took advantage of the opportunity, the horse step increased, like flying away from the string arrow.

  Every hard work has a harvest, and every cry is the call of strength. We are an umbrella in a rainy day, is a pot of carbon fire in a cold winter day, warm not only you and me, but everyone's heart. With the end of the 5 km long-distance race, we returned to the company to prepare the second project, tug-of-war competition. tug-of-war race has the characteristics of fitness, competition, entertainment, fun and so on, which can best show the athletes' unity and cooperation, hard work, healthy and upward spirit.At the beginning of the game, we grabbed the rope, the body pulled back, the scene atmosphere was very tense, we dare not be careless. Then look, eyes staring round, With my teeth, my hair stood up. "come on!come on!"It was not long before one side lost," failure is nothing, there will be a lot of opportunities in the future, to pay attention to the summary, to win!"After fierce competition, the first, two and three were produced, and the company rewarded the winners and the participants participating in the whole race.

  In this event, we realized the importance of coordination, unified command, effective command and effective execution in the continuous growth of the team, the importance of teamwork to overcoming objective obstacles, and the special value of each member of the team.Whether cheering for victory or smiling for failure, they have already completed their mission glorious; they, with their own practical actions, support a spiritual blue sky of Dongguan Tianxia Company.Dongguan Tiansai Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to lead the low-pressure glue injection industry, and take the battery production of surrounding automation equipment as a new starting point!Create brilliant again !




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